1st Age

Little is known about the First Age of Elderheim. The land was a lush Pangaea upon which the first of the races lived. The lands were kept stable, and many years were lived in this age of peace.

The races grew more numerous, more resourceful, more intelligent and, as is the way with mortals, they grew divided. They claimed land for each other, marking their territory through bloody conquest. Stories are told and texts tell that the territory within the land was drawn between:

  • The Vorpal Knights – Who seemed to fight for higher purpose.
  • The Balkreeg – A violent race who wanted to establish a kingdom for themselves through violent conquest.
  • The Silent Society – Who’s motives were always unknown.
  • The Crawdonarchs- A twisted and intelligent collective who seem to have been almost wiped from history.

Their battle was long and brutal. A stalemate was reached but the fighting did not end. Eventually, after much of the land was devastated, a huge cataclysm erupted, obliterating the 4 factions in a single day. While some theorise that this was a natural disaster of epic proportions, others believe it to be the work of the Gods. According to myth, the warfare and destruction was so intense that the planet itself worked to stop it. This horrible event is known as the Battle of Lake Fellmarch. Following this, the now damaged and broken land was separated into four provinces:

  1. Oligarve – The largest Province. Harmonious land of the Vorpal Knights.
  2. Arbaster – The second largest. The divided, hardy Nordic kingdom of the Balkreeg.
  3. Sigh – The third largest. The quiet and opaque territory of the Silent Society.
  4. The Forgotten Isle – The Crawdonarch’s island dragged away from the known world and never heard from since.

This devastation and separation of the land settled the factions into fragile peace. There was an unspoken understanding between them that if the four provinces ever made war to the same extent again, great terror would befall the world. This agreement thus ended the First Age.


1st Age

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