Arbaster is the second largest province of Elderheim, smaller than Oligarve but larger than Sigh. It is the homeland of The Balkreeg, and is broken up into six states. Each of these states contains a state capital, but the capital city of the province is Harbengard, sitting in the south of the state of Asgrim.

Arbaster is an interesting land, with hugely varied terrain. Much of the land is made up of dry plains, but there are two major forests and a large lake in the state of Hermund. The land is also criss-crossed with mountain ranges, many following the state borders. The state of Groark is largely swampy, while the Northern most state of Wolfgar contains tundra. Sargensfeld contains the edge of The Watchwoods and the fields that surround it, while also being drier in the south. The most consistent state is Rodmar, which borders Oligarve and is largely flat.

Arbaster is the only province to contain Orcish cities. The Orcs made a home for themselves in Groark, and while they may not be openly welcomed by the entire province, they are settled and wont be leaving soon.

Arbaster thrives due to a diverse population, with Dwarves producing the best weapons and armour in the world, and the land being so hospitable to the races that inhabit it.



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