Oligarve is the largest of the three provinces. It is here that The Vorpal Knights emerged, and is united under one ruler. The capital city, Justicia, sits at the Southern end of the province, all roads leading to it.

The Oligarve landscape is full of lush fields, clean forests and lakes, and mineral rich mountains. The Knights were trusted with this land during the 2nd Era, as they could most effectively manage the land and harvest the many resources.

The three major forests of Oligarve are places of mystery and intrigue. Many Elves inhabit them, and they keep each other safe from destruction from external forces.

The population of Oligarve is mostly human and elf, with the culture valuing grace and elegance above all else. Halflings fit in well with this culture and so usually fare well in this province, while Dwarves often keep to themselves.



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