The Crawdonarchs

The smallest, but by no means least powerful, faction of the 1st Era. The few surviving records from before the cataclysm describe the Crawdonarchs as terrifying beings, whose fierce intellect was matched only by their incomprehensible cruelty.

The Crawdonarchs existed as an anarchic collective, leaderless but still unified by their extreme and highly organised sadism. Records tell of infamous establishments known as Whitefarms, closed communities of second class Crawdonarch citizens, raised from a young age to be kind and empathetic, allowing for a regular supply of innocents to fuel the unending horror-lust of the general populace.

The Crawdonarch army rarely engaged in open combat. Small guerilla groups would often work to lure their opponents into ambushes or maim them with intricate traps, the aim being to take as many prisoners as possible.

The lack of Crawdonarchs decendants in the 2nd and 3rd eras gives credence to the belief that they were wiped out during the cataclysm. Though some believe that the landmass they inhabited fell into the sea due to great seismic upheaval, others believe the gods ripped the Crawdonarch territory from the continent and dragged it to the edge of the known world.

There are some who believe the Crawdonarchs never truly existed and are simply a metaphor for the brutality and cruelty of war which left the world after the Battle of Lake Fellmarch.


The Crawdonarchs

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