The Forgotten Isle

The Forgotten Isle is the name given to a legendary landmass, said to exist at the edge of the world. The 1st Era territory of the merciless and horrifying Crawdonarch collective was allegedly transported far away from Elderheim by the wrath of the gods – the Crawdonarch people being judged as beyond redemption.

Whether the Isle genuinley exists or not is very much in dispute. There is no evidence, other than the notoriously unreliable 1st Era sources, to attest to Elderheim ever being any larger than it currently is. The Forgotten Isle is most commonly used as a staple of horror stories, with many grown ups using threats of deportation to the Isle to ensure their children’s good behaviour.

The Three Watch Towers, one standing on the coast of each of the three provinces, have been staffed perpetually as a look out against the return of the Crawdonarchs from their Isle. This tradition serves no practical purpose and only continues as a rare custom which all three provinces share.


The Forgotten Isle

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