The Elderheim Chronicles

Blackmoor Gang Run Amok!
Rising gang threatens peace of the state

Attention People of Hermund!

A large organisation known nationally as the ‘Blackmoor Gang’ have been gaining power across the six states. They are believed to be led by a man named Alnarin Tuspter, and a dwarf names Garug Bal, from the town of Blackmoor, Wolfgar. If anyone has any information which leads to the capture of these two individuals, they shall be rewarded.

We urge citizens to be cautious, and not to stay out after dark. At present the threat seems to be contained within the larger cities, with far fewer attacks occurring in smaller towns.

City Watch

A Call For Heroes

An Extract From Posters Seen Around Hermund

Attention People of Hermund

The Heir to the State is Missing

Lord Graltin Trannyth is looking for able bodied men to form a search party. The man suspected of killing Coratis Droverson, the last known heir, is missing. Eye witnesses claim they saw a man fitting the description heading out of the South Gate, towards the town of Leira. A reward of 150 gold pieces a head is being offered to the group able to return the heir to Hermund.

Please contact the Captain of the Guard if you wish to form a search party.


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